Venice is excellent for a day trip but I couldn’t imagine finding much to do there for a whole week, and it would probably cost a fortune. An easy and cheap way to get to Venice for the day without spending most of your time travelling to and from it is to actually go on holiday in Croatia, specifically an area called Porec which is on the coast. It is about an hour and a half ferry journey across the sea into the city of Venice from Porec and it only costs around 25 Euros. Going by ferry also has the advantage of being able to see the whole city coming up in the distance as you approach.

six red penguins on a balcony in venice

One of the odd things about Venice is the red penguins which seem to be dotted about in many of the balconies. I don’t actually know what these mean, but someone told me it was to show how many hotel rooms were available. I don’t know if this is true but the red penguins of Venice are an odd and kind of surreal sight.


Venice on the whole is actually very, very crowded with tourists from all over the world following an army of tour guides waving umbrellas and shouting things in many different languages. If you have ever been in a high tourist area the thing you tend to notice is that all the tour guides have umbrellas which they hold up in the air like strange totem poles for the lost to gather around.

The place can also be a bit daunting as there are many gangs running around the City trying to sell fake Handbags, watches and the like. If you ever inadvertently gaze on anything that they are trying to sell, they will follow and harass the hell out of you for the next several minutes.

Visiting Venice is basically a bucket list thing, Go there, look around, buy a massively expensive ice cream (Word of warning anything sold near St Marks is going to be about 3 times more expensive as anything sold 5 minutes walk away) walk around, have a ride on a gondola, visit St Marks, buy a couple of novelty Venetian masks and then leave and tell people you have been. It is worth going once but probably only for a day if only to say that you have been. It is lovely to look at, an amazing achievement in architecture, rivers running through the streets and all that but it is hugely crowded very expensive and after several hours there is not much to do.