Mera Luna festival 2012

Mera Luna festival 2012

large crowd at main stage mera lunaMera luna is an EBM, goth and industrial music festival held in Hildesheim, Germany during the last weekend in august. It is relatively small with only around 25’000 attendees. This actually gives it a nice communal feel as opposed to some of the huge festivals you get in the U.K. and Europe, which can be too crowded. There are only two stages, a large open outside stage and a smaller one inside an old military aircraft hanger. This is a good thing because it means you have a choice but you don’t feel that you are missing something. In actual fact the bands tend to overlap, so while one is playing the other is setting up. It can be really annoying when several bands you want to see are playing at the exact same time.

There is variety

Obviously Mera Luna is mainly for goth and industrial music fans, so it is for specific tastes. However that being said there are actually quite a large range of cross overs. You get the melodic, poetic goths and the heavy rock goth bands. As well as techno synth and industrial styles of music.

The bands in 2012

I went to Mera Luna mainly to see Fields of the Nephilim and the friend I was with wanted to see New Model Army. One band, Fields of the Nephilim is a dark melodic old school guitar heavy goth band. New Model Army are more of a crusty, angry, poetic folk punk band. Others bands present were Placebo, which are a light goth synth pop band, Noyce are a German melodic synth heavy band with a lot of Depeche mode influences.

The main headline band, whom I had never herd of but became a big fan of were In Extremo. They are a German band which combines metal with medieval traditional songs using contemporary instruments as well as a wide range of medieval instruments, including flutes and some large medieval bag pipes, which were cool. Hence there are wide range of different bands with enough to please most people even if your not totally into the E.B.M. , goth and industrial scene.

The camping area

The camping area is just a few minutes walk from the main fenced off band area. This make it easy to pop back to the tent for more beer. The toilet facilities are very good and cleaned out regularly, nothing like U.K. festivals, there are even shower facilities. There are a large collection of basins on the outside with tap water for washing up. As well as a large amount of free taps with drinking water.

The medieval village

Outside the main stage area there is a cool weird medieval village, which sells mead and strange bread, other sorts of food, trinkets and some clothing. You can also partake in axe throwing and other odd medieval games, such as having a pillow fight while balanced on a log.

Reasonably priced

The cost of the festival was less than £100 and the festival drink and food stalls were very reasonable compared to the U.K. There were odd rules about glass bottles and cans entering the main stage area but you could take plastic bottles. There was even a stall outside the main entrance selling litre boxes of wine for about 4 euros.

Everything is very clean and very well organised with a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. If you are into the E.B.M, goth and industrial scene this festival definitely should be on your to do list. Even if you are not a hardcore follower of the genre but like one of the bands playing you should definitely go. The atmosphere is excellent and the line-up is well chosen and incredibly varied. There is more than enough to do over the weekend.

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Fields of the Nephilim at Mera Luna

Fields of the Nephilim

medieval village in Mera Luna

Mera Luna's Medieval Village

In extremo at Mera Luna

In Extremo

Mera Luna festival 2012

New Model Army

Mera Luna festival 2012


Mera Luna festival 2012

Mera Luna - General photos